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2010 Yearly Report of the Christian Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Below is a brief summary of what the

Christian Council of Britain has been doing during 2010.

Upholding Freedom of Association in Civil Society.

After the eventful year of 2009, the CCoB needed and got a brief respite.  Membership still remained exceedingly low, at just over 45, with the Moderator and the Secretary having just returned from “Mission Ulster” to face a Government attack on the citizens’ inalienable rights, under God, to freedom of association.  The attack was launched by the bigoted New Labour regime against its working class rival, the British National Party.  It was an attack on that party’s rights of association - an attack which would inevitably, and naturally, have consequences for everyone’s freedom to associate, or disassociate, with whomever they wished.


The CCoB was quick to pick-up on the implications this would have, not only for political association, but also for freedom of religious association.


If the State can determine who you may, or may not, associate with politically, or religiously, then it can, at one remove, control who you can organise with and what, therefore, you can organise about.  With all the Labour Party’s talk about human rights and fundamental freedoms, this was the Labour Party coming out against your right to organise and set your terms of inclusion and exclusion - something that would be bound to affect your ability to organise in terms of your agenda.


Imagine the Rt Rev Dr Ian Paisley having to accept the Pope as a member of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster; imagine the Roman Catholic Church having to accept Dr Paisley’s candidature for the Papacy!  There would be no Protestantism and no Popery.  Some of us may be happy with half of that formula but that is a trap; there would be no freedom of denomination or viewpoint, or of association, or the power to organise and set objectives, independently of the State.  This is essentially what the totalitarian-minded Government of Gordon Brown had planned for the British people in terms of their powers over political freedom.   But it is of concern for us in the CCoB because all Christians must have their political rights, and freedoms, recognised and preserved by the law of man; and the cutting-down of the law’s recognition of such rights will, in time, inevitably lead to the lessening of their inalienable religious rights and freedoms - which is the sanctuary of God, who is the only lord of the conscience.   But the totalitarians are not just into bullying and depriving us of our rights under God, setting-up their own secular values as an idol to be fawned over and worshipped;  they are also beguiling us into believing that they are building some kind of Labour Party paradise on Earth - a “more just and equal society” as they call it - when they are, in fact, building a concentration camp of the soul and of the mind - a concentration camp in which freedom to worship and serve God according to conscience - conscience captivated to the Word of God, the Holy Bible - is being even more limited and circumscribed.


The way they are doing this is to demonise “discrimination” as they like to call it, especially racial discrimination; when it suits them, that is!  We are not, they say, to discriminate on grounds of race when it comes to the pro-indigenousBritish National Party.  But we are to racially discriminate when it comes to the Black Lawyers Group or the other racial favourites of the ‘Equality (Iniquity?) Bill’.  Racial discrimination (different treatment on grounds of race) is fine when it comes to favouring non-whites, and off-whites, but not when it is in favour of indigenous Britons and when it comes to one political party organising for them, the British National Party!  Some may be taken in by this specious argument because of the use of the word ‘discrimination’.  But that is a Pavlovian trick.  Even the former Labour Government does not think it is wrong to racially discriminate in some circumstances and for some races, but not their own - but surely the ability to discriminate wholesale is simply everyone’s right to associate or disassociate with whomever they want - be it Paisley or the Pontiff, Enoch Powell or Trevor Phillips!  And if that right is attacked for some, then freedom is gone for all, except for what the state hands out and controls.


We believe that it is for each body in civil society to ‘discriminate‘,  in the sense of  being able to set their own terms of inclusion, membership, and exclusion; and to set organisational objectives agreeable to such terms. This is known as freedom of association and it is a fundamental political and human right.  It is then for the people (not the State) to pass verdict on such principles and associations by voting for them, or by joining or funding them; or by refusing to support, vote, join or fund them.  That is the civic space that we must all enjoy outside of the power and remit of the Caesar.  Anything less than this turns civic society, at one remove, into an extension and emanation of the New Labour State: which is what Communism, Fascism and Medieval Catholicism were all about?  It is very much putting the clock back.  Yes, there is something very stinking and musty about the political hate-mongers of New Labour, and their imitators elsewhere.  However, a lot of Churches failed to see the implications of this attack on the peaceful BNP’s rights of association.  But if you can circumscribe a political party’s rights of association you can, later, do the same for the rights of inclusion/exclusion of the Churches with regard to homosexuality!  We then have the merger of the Churches with the State and the setting-up, not of a more just and equal “paradise,” but of a more totalitarian state and society.  This is New Labour!  And it is an abomination.


Our Moderator was quick to make these points clear in correspondence with the press, especially the English Churchman.  The whole of civic society is, in a sense, about discrimination; and so, too, is life generally.  Only a fool does not discriminate: you decide on your own terms of association and disassociation and thus your collective aims and objectives.  You do not allow Big Brother or Big Sister to do that for you. And if anyone does not accept that right, then that is harassment.  What! :  racial discrimination in the work place?  Well, we are having it now under the Equality Act, 2010.  We are all equal, it is just that some are more equal than others!  The CCoB is not recommending racial discrimination in the work-place. However when it comes to the citizen’s power and freedom to organise his rights of association, in voluntary groups, these rights are surely fundamental and paramount - after all, the nations (Greek:Ethnos, whence ethnic) have been created by God (Psalm 86: 9). Those who seek to destroy them are imperilling their own welfare, as well as interfering with His, own handiwork.


Fighting Homo-Sodomy

Fired with religious zeal for the welfare of mankind, and for the handiwork of God in all our lives, the CCoB Moderator launched, in May 2010, a well-tuned counter-attack on a Homosexual Lobbyist group from Leicester, who had sought to recruit his support and blessing for their anti-family cause!  His response was of such a nature as to be unlikely to elicit any supplementary application from them! The Moderator spoke in no unclear way of his utter abhorrence of their principles and practices.  Their only reaction was to talk endlessly “…about going to the police…” to get him arrested for answering their questionnaire with truth and dignity, telling them that their civil partnerships were a perversion.   It seems that all these bullies can do is to bleat pitifully when they get a well-earned dose of their own medicine.  How much they abhor free debate when they are on the receiving end of it! And how much they like to dish it out when they think they can do so with impunity.   The Revd Robert  West enclosed his answers to them with his own sermon, In Condemnation of Sodomy (Homosexuality), which was sent to them free of charge and with a quote from 1 Corinthians 6: 9-11 of the Geneva Bible(1599) for them: “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor wantons, nor buggerers, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor railers nor extortioners shall inherit the kingdom of God.”


Upholding Wedlock

In June the CCoB was greatly honoured to have the Revd Robert West, take the re-avowal service of Mr Nick Griffin MEP and his dearly beloved wife of 25 years and four children later, Mrs Jackie Griffin, in Mid-Wales; and to honour thereby a truly conservative and patriotic couple who had raised a family and who, over many years, had done so much for truly conservative values in Britain.  The prayers of the CCoB go out for their continued usefulness and blessing; and for those of their colleagues, wider family, and friends.


CCoB Re-Organisations

During the autumn the Christian Council underwent a number of re-organizations on its Executive Committee to try to position people in the best place for them and the team and, above all - which is so important in team work and to achieve team objectives - to play to each ones’ strengths.  Anthony Williams, a founding member, stepped down from several positions both in and outside of the Executive and from the Executive itself but is still fully involved with the Council as a member and doing everything possible to help it.  Mrs Jenny Noble was tasked with the job of becoming conference under-secretary with the awesome task of organising the Council’s yearly conference, or general assembly, of members and associates.  She was also made treasurer with the task of monitoring funding and fund-raising.  Mr Mikal Greenberg was brought onto the Executive Committee as a Permanent Member and was made membership undersecretary.


Internet Radio Ministry

Videos were made of the Rev West at the British National Party’s Indigenous Forum and these formed part of his ministry of a sermon, each week, on Radio RWB; a forum to bring the gospel to nationalists and other listeners.  A lot of this ministry involves expositions and sermons on the New Testament Epistle to the Hebrews and also some other topics of a broadly Biblical and Christian nature, some of them overlapping with politics or current affairs.  The Moderator’s New Year’s Day speech, for 2011, was an admonition to the Archbishops of Canterbury, and York, to get serious about their ordination and consecration vows, and to start to do something, just once, to uphold the Christian gospel in this country.  He mentioned two very dangerous movements: the Homosexual Rights Movement and the Islamification of Britain Movement; both of which the Christian Council opposes and abhors.


Opposing Centres of Islamification

New members have come in who have been very successfully involved in the blocking of Islamification Centres in both Kings Lynn and in Lincoln.    However, more work needs to be done on these very noble causes. And progress has been made with other groups about highlighting the political elites’ propagation of Halal slaughtering in this country without the consent, or knowledge, of its Christian people.   The challenges for the new year of 2011 remain as great as they have ever been.


The Media’s Accountability to God

The news media remains largely hostile to Christ and His gospel and the distinctive Christian and moral values that it brings.  Together with the Church hierarchy, the media has been a real problem in the destruction of this country’s great and privileged heritage; only the Day of Judgement will reveal just how much.  But we do see some light: we rejoice to see other groups coming into the field and developing their distinctive ministries which do have some things in common with our own, and that must both encourage us and goad us to be more fired with zeal in the Master’s service.   To Him alone be all the praise, the honour, and the glory.


Authorised Version Four Hundredth Anniversary

And with the four hundredth anniversary of the Authorised Version (1611) coming up, in 2011, the Christian Council will be doing its bit to ensure that this treasure of translation is preserved and used, all the more, for the Master’s service.


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