The New Labour Freak Show

lincoln_cathedral_lincoln_england_1819080 IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY freak shows used to tour the country for money displaying certain kinds of freaks, such as women with beards or men with hair covering all of their bodies, or Siamese twins. They were very popular.

Today we have Diversity and Equality.

One lecturer at a Further Education college said “we” have our very own diversity and equality training where freaks are embraced, put on show and positively encouraged to think of themselves as ...eh... normal. Even the Victorians did not do that! 

One such example included a film of a man who had morphed into a woman.

However, the 50-something female lecturer, pulling a face (whether in disappointment or disgust, I do not know) added ‘...you could obviously tell it was a man by his deep voice and big hands despite his chemical make-up and his hormone induced ‘cleavage’.” She added ‘…he said that he had been a headmaster but was now a headmistress.” I was reminded of the monster collection in one of those black and white episodes from the 1960s science fiction series LOST IN SPACE. We certainly seem to be lost somewhere but where, exactly, I am not too sure.

But freak shows of the modern variety are by no means confined to what many might deem ‘transgender benders.’ They also include all kinds of freaks, self-made, or even fakes, such as ‘refugees’ fleeing bogus persecution to the umpteenth safe haven (Britain), contrary to international law, and claiming benefits which are only too costly; “Diversity Officers” to combat racism, sexism and xenophobia (yawn) and the by now standard fare of non-whites (unless you are eastern European), anti-whites and off-whites lining-up for jobs, houses and benefits. Then we have single mothers (eh ‘parents’ - must not stereotype) trotting in with nine children, seven different fathers and two artificial insemination devices! Possibly we might have the cropped-headed lesbian macho from some outfit in the wild west and last, but by no means least, a matured and somewhat worse-for-wear member of the Unite Against Fascism/Free Speech outfit who doubles-up as a prop for Stonewall, and looks the worse for it; truly a freak show.

SentamuMOS_468x614 Freak shows are always good for money-spinning and good for entertainment. But equality and diversity is more than this. It is a positive programme to ‘enrich’ society and make us all feel much better for being…well, eh…freaks! What could be more enriching? Freak shows can now be seen everywhere and you do not have to pay an entrance fee! They are available, nay enforceable, at all our places of work; though not quite in our places of worship yet - though that may be coming with geeky, well plugged-up homosexual marriages between two men, or two women; or at least between things that appear to be two men, or two women. It seems that all of society is becoming one big and endless...well eh...freak show. Now wait a minute, some of you may be thinking, is it possible to cope with that? We will see.

In 2005 I attended the Lincolnshire Geeky Freaky Show known as the Lincolnshire Racial Equality Council. It was held in Lincoln. I am not sure whether we were, like, proprietors or what not; but by the end of the process I sure felt that some of the attendees were actually exhibits; not because of their physical appearances, which seemed quite normal, but because of the exuding atmosphere of their mental processes. A cloud of banality and insanity seemed to arise from the Council as the attendees got aroused by, well, ‘diversity and equality.’ Here was my opportunity, as someone who does not believe in ‘diversity’ as it is currently misunderstood, to see what it is like at its heart, at its very best as I thought.

I have never been so disappointed in all my life. I listened intently to the conversations.

An Asian looking man was there and asked what was being done for the Muslim community. That was a bit geeky, I thought, because he was clearly speaking under false pretences as the Muslims are not a racial group and should not have been represented, as such, at a racial equality council. But then I remembered that this is a freak show, or get together, and not what it purported to be for outside consumption.

Then the Chinese representative spoke up, ‘what are you going to do for the Chinese, the biggest ethnic group in Lincolnshire?” Well the Chinese are a racial group so we had at least got that right. But, wait a minute, are they really the biggest racial group in Lincolnshire? What has happened to the native Brits or locals, the English, if I may call them that? Are they not a racial group? Do they not bleed like the others? She was not challenged on that basic point. But then, I reflected later, I was attending a freak show, or at least a get together of freaks; freaks, politically, in their mental processes, and not necessarily (as I have said) in their tones or contours. Then I noticed a distinguished looking darky at the front having a conversation with some lady, a toff. He had a kind of Jamaican accent and she a plumb Tory type lilt. They were clearly engrossed with one another and with…well, eh…diversity and, as I eavesdropped, they continued to extol the presence of Muslims (a non-race) and then, lastly, ‘…we even had someone from the cross-dressing community at our last meeting.” At that point I could not contain myself. I burst out laughing. I supposed entertainment is the object of a freak show. They did not seem amused; but then freaks think they are normal. And that is what is, in this case, so worrying.

CanterburyCathedral Here were attendees who were supposed to be principled, intellectual, highly idealised folks who believed in racial diversity as a practical, if utopian, programme. All races and both sexes were present. And yet it was, on the one hand, reduced to the banal, and, on the other hand, I have seen more toleration and mutual understanding at the Scottish National Party; though that group might be regarded, with its call for separation from England but not independence from Brussels, as being an even more bizarre freak-show. These were not people ready to integrate or give and take, as we on the outside imagine them to be, since that is what they always demand of us and seem to advocate for themselves; they were all out for themselves and their own racial, religious or activity group. There was no recognition for anyone else, or of the need to give and take; that is what was so depressing.   The meeting was certainly very multi-racial, in being racially diverse. But there was a complete lack of oneness. Now, if those who believe in the multi-racial, diversity ideal cannot display the social and personal graces needed to make it work, how do they expect their political and social inferiors - that is the rest of us - to?

Perhaps the saddest thing about the freaks is that they do not know they are freaks or that their show was a freak show. But then freaks rarely do. I got the impression that they thought it was a beauty contest and they were the beauty contestants, that is, before I burst out laughing. That is perhaps what Diversity and Equality needs more than anything else.   The emperor has no clothes and his courtiers continue to fawn over him, sycophantically, in his delusion: what we all need is a small boy to come along, point his finger at the Equality and Diversity show, and shout out to everyone what we all know that it is…   …a great big pile of …. [see Philippians 3: 8]

When that happens, I will say ‘Amen’ to it.

© The Rev RMB West, Dip. Th.

Note well: The New Labour Freak Show is endorsed by the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, the Scottish National Party, Plaid, and parts of UKIP.


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